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Krav Maga

KRAV MAGA is a self-defense system with its main objectives being to neutralize threats by executing defensive and offensive maneuvers without any weapons. KRAV MAGA originated in Israel, but has grown to become a very popular sport internationally.

It encourages its students if at all possible to avoid confrontations but if this is impossible you are taught techniques to confront your attacker without causing severe injuries in the quickest and most efficient way. There are many different variations in which you can use KRAV MAGA, for example in everyday normal life to protect yourself, but also for your occupation if you are in any law enforcement agencies or in the armed forces.

Krav Maga for


KRAV MAGA FOR WOMEN was created for the needs that women need now in our world to defend themselves in hostile situations, such as sexual harassment and sexual attacks. Some of the basic principles of KRAV MAGA for women to protect themselves is to target the body”s most vulnerable parts such as the eyes, neck, throat, face, groin ribs, etc. Training can also consist of studying the surroundings of a street confrontation and identifying potential threats before they occur.

Krav Maga for


KRAV MAGA FOR KIDS was developed as an educational program to provide them with practical solutions they might encounter in our modern world. Some of the life skills they are taught to be useful in their daily lives are careful nutrition, fire safety, road safety, home hazards, safe use of technology,,interaction with pets, and staying safe while they are outdoors.

The sessions for children are filled with activities that will teach them skills such as balance, strength, speed, agility, coordination and self-confidence. One of the other objectives for KIDS KRAV MAGA is to teach them skills in self- defense to protect themselves from bullying, assault and even attempted abduction.

In conclusion the final goal of KIDS KRAV MAGA is to teach them some simple and practical tools to protect themselves so that they can casually and confidently enjoy life!